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Student Records

Federal Guidelines for Reporting Ethnicity and Race Data

The U.S. Department of Education requires all states to collect information on the race and ethnicity of students and staff. Data is also collected directly through the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). The federal government has developed a new way to report ethnicity and race that includes new categories with the idea that these changes should provide a more accurate picture of the nation's ethnic and racial diversity. One change is that students may report more than one category from those listed under race.
Students report whether they are Hispanic or not and report their race by choosing from this list:

  • American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • Asian
  • Black or African American
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • White

At Des Moines Area Community College students who wish to change their ethnicity codes must submit requests in writing. For questions, call 515-964-6800 in the Des Moines/Ankeny area or 800-342-0033 toll free.