Professional Licensure Disclosures

What is a professional licensure program?

A professional licensure program is any academic program DMACC offers that may be designed, marketed and/or advertised to meet educational requirements.  Professional licensure programs are: (1) required for a specific license or certification; and (2) required for employment in an occupation.

What is a professional licensure disclosure?

The U. S. Department of Education requires all colleges and university to disclose and communicate publicly and directly to prospective and current students about: (1) academic programs that will or will not fulfill educational requirements for a specific professional licensure that is required for employment in that field; and (2) academic programs that meet or do not meet the education requirements for licensure for each state and U.S. territory, regardless of the delivery mode of the program.

DMACC is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA), which allows us to provide distance learning programs and coursework to residents of states other than Iowa. NC-SARA membership, however, does not grant reciprocity or exempt us from state professional licensing requirements. As a result, licensing and/or certification requirements in Iowa may not be recognized as sufficient to obtain a license in other states.

The curriculum for programs leading to licensure at DMACC are designed to meet the licensure/certification requirements in the state of Iowa as well as preparing students to apply for licensure examinations and/or certification.

Each state and territory has different professional licensure and certification requirements. Other licensure requirements may include professional examinations, background checks, years of work experience, fingerprinting requirements, etc.

Students who intend to return or move to any state other than Iowa need to review the professional licensure disclosures pertaining to their program and consult with the state professional licensing board. The state professional licensing boards make the ultimate decision as to whether or not an individual will be eligible to sit for licensure based on the rules and regulations in place at the time the individual submits their application for licensure.

DMACC Disclosures by Program