Workforce Training Academy

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Looking for a rewarding career, but in need of additional training?​

DMACC's Workforce Training Academy can help.

Classes and materials are provided at no cost to qualified applicants. Certificate classes provide key skills for new and rewarding employment opportunities in targeted career areas.

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Workforce Training Academy Summer 2019 Graduation

Nearly 80 students were honored on August 15th for completing training programs offered through DMACC Workforce Training Academy. Families, friends and loved ones gathered at DMACC’s Southridge Center to congratulate students that earned certificates for careers offered in healthcare, welding, and network cabling.

During the keynote speech, DMACC’s President, Rob Denson praised each student for the diligence and commitment they put forth to expand their opportunities. Also in attendance to support and recognize the graduates were Mike Hoffman, DMACC’s Director of Continuing Education; MD Isley, DMACC’s VP of Academic Affairs and Felix Gallagher, DMACC’s Board of Directors. Guest speaker, James Wynter (2019 MIG Welding graduate) talked about his journey and shared words encouraging the graduates to continue learning new skills and pushing to reach their goals. While many graduates have found employment, others have decided to further their education at DMACC.


Career Academy Certified Nurse Aide graduates
Certified Nurse Aide
Pictured left to right: Dominique Stephenson, Kayla Lehman, Esther Chol, Ines Ponce-Barajas, Augustine Mulbah

Career Academy Patient Intake and Billing graduates
Patient Intake & Billing
Pictured left to right: Abby Amenson, Jazmine Evans, Lakeitha Robinson, Martha Miranda, Por-Tia Porter, Ashley White, Shana Leeps

Career Academy MIG Production Welding graduates
MIG Production Welding
Pictured left to right: Cheta Katle, Steven Lopez, James Wynter, Donald Blanco

Career Academy Basic Network Cable Installation graduates
Basic Network Cable Installation
Pictured left to right: Omujwok Nyikango, Bandit Vivanh, Shayla Hutchinson, Kolten Buster

Career Academy Welding graduates

Students completed 132 hours of training in this pilot WTA  welding program at the Career Academy of Pella facility.

Students focused on Blueprint Reading and  MIG production welding skills to prepare​ them for a career in a manufacturing setting.​

Career Academy Welding graduates 

Pictured left to right: Nick Jennings, Zach Kleinwort, Eric Cox–Instructor, Jordan Eatwell, Jim Stocker, Rich Kacmarynski-instructor (not pictured)​

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