High School Completion Correspondence Program

The High School Correspondence Program has grown out of a need for students to have access to credit courses outside of the traditional classroom schedule. These classes are taken either as a transfer credit to the student's home high school or credit toward the DMACC Adult High School Diploma.

Approximately 1200 students throughout the state of Iowa use correspondence courses each year. DMACC's comprehensive course selection offers students an opportunity to earn credit in both core and elective curriculum. Because all courses are independent study, students are able to maximize their opportunities to work on and earn high school credits.

Exams are typically proctored at the student's home school and are then sent to the DMACC Correspondence Program to be graded. Once scored, a current grade sheet is sent to the test proctor to allow teachers to monitor student progress. The High School Completion Center has faculty available to provide instructor support when needed

For more information about the High School Correspondence program, or to obtain a course listing please contact:

Joy Lee
Correspondence Program
DMACC Ames Hunziker Career Academy
1420 S. Bell Avenue
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-783-6003
Fax: 515-287-8733
Email: jmlee14@dmacc.edu