Don't get locked into a lifetime of student debt!

Student debt has reached the one trillion dollar mark, surpassing all of the collective consumer debt in the nation. In Iowa alone, graduates owe an average of more than​ $30,000 in student loans. That's more than THREE TIMES the entire cost of a two-year degree at DMACC, which also has no application, registration or graduation fees. It makes DMACC an EXCEPTIONAL value! So make a smart investment in yourself this fall by enrolling in DMACC.


​​Did we say "affordable"?

Yes! We believe cost should not be an issue when it comes to attending college. DMACC offers many options to help you pay for your education—scholarships, grants, loans and work-study arrangements.

Think you won't qualify? You may be surprised to learn that nearly 50 percent of DMACC students receive some form of financial aid, so look into it.

The DMACC Financial Aid Checklist includes a timetable for when and how to apply for financial aid.

Compare the average cost of two years at DMACC (view current tuition rate) with the costs of attending a public university or a private school. DMACC puts going back to college within your reach.

  • There is never a charge to apply for admission to DMACC.
  • Many employers offer tuition reimbursement programs. Your company may pay for some or all of your tuition costs!
  • DMACC offers a Deferred Tuition Program.
  • Are you a veteran? The DMACC Veterans Services office on each DMACC campus can help you apply for Veteran's Educational Benefits.
  • Click here for DMACC's free "Financing your Education" brochure.

Compare DMACC's tuition to other colleges 


 Source: July 2015-16 Iowa College Student Aid Commission


Start the application process today!

  • The first step is to complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). When completing FAFSA, the DMACC School Code is 004589. You can do that online.
  • Apply here for DMACC scholarships and other forms of student aid.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact the DMACC Financial Aid Office at 515-964-6282 or 800-362-2127.