Senior Administration

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​DMACC is governed by a Board of Directors and led by President Robert Denson in conjunction with a senior administrative team responsible for managing the institution through administrative areas on all campuses.​

Cabinet Members
 Robert Denson

Robert Denson, J.D.

President and CEO
 Stan Jensen

Stan Jensen, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President
College Operations
 Scott Ocken

Scott Ocken, M.Ed.

Interim Vice President
Academic Affairs
 Shelli Allen

Shelli Allen, M.A.

Vice President of
Enrollment Services
 Photo Coming Soon

Mark Clark

Executive Director
Information Solutions
 Tara Connolly

Tara Connolly, N.M.N.

Executive Director
DMACC Foundation
 Kim Didier

Kim Didier, M.P.A.

Executive Director
DMACC Business Resources
 Carolyn Farlow

Carolyn Farlow, M.Ed.

Director, Institutional Effectiveness & Board Secretary
 Todd Jones

Todd Jones, M.P.A.

Marketing/Public Relations
 Deborah Koua

Deborah Koua, M.A.

Grants & Contacts
 Sandy Tryon

Sandy Tryon, Ed.D.

Executive Director
Human Resources
 Wade Robinson

Wade Robinson, Ph.D.

Student Development
 Drew Nelson

Drew Nelson, Ph.D.

Boone Campus Provost
 Joel Lundstrom

Joel Lundstrom, Ph.D.

Carroll Campus Provost
 Joe DeHart

Joe DeHart, Ph.D.

Newton Campus Provost
 Anne Howsare Boyens

Anne Howsare Boyens, Ph.D.

Urban Campus Provost
 Anthony Paustian

Anthony Paustian, Ph.D.

West Campus Provost
 Mike Hoffman

Mike Hoffman, M.Ed.

Executive Director
Continuing Education
 Greg Martin

Greg Martin

Executive Director, Physical Plant
 MD Isley

MD Isley, M.S.

Academic Dean
Business, Management, & Technology
 Scott Ocken

Scott Ocken, M.Ed.

Academic Dean, Industry & Tech
 Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown

Academic Dean
Health & Public Services
 Jim Stick

Jim Stick

Executive Director
Academic Dean
 Wade Robinson

Wade Robinson, Ph.D.

Student Development