Applied Engineering Technology-Wind Turbine Technologies AAS

A career that takes you to new heights.

Wind farms are springing up across Iowa.

Thousands of wind generators are appearing on Iowa's landscape. It was part of a major economic development initiative to create new, "green-collar" jobs and make Iowa the renewable energy capital of the nation.

Exciting new job opportunities are being created by the expansion of the wind energy industry. Utility companies that are installing these 300-foot-tall wind turbines need workers who know how to build, operate, repair and maintain them.

That's where you may fit in.

Register now for Des Moines Area Community College's Applied Engineering Technology program. In just two years, you can earn an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree and be ready to take your place in the exciting wind energy industry.

With your AAS degree from DMACC, you'll be qualified for a position in wind turbine technology. It's a high-skill, high-pay job with a secure future. You will be able to work in many areas of the country, including right here in Iowa.

The DMACC Wind Turbine Technologies Degree program is offered on the Ankeny Campus beginning each Fall semester.

MidAmerican Energy, as well as other large-scale electrical utilities, continue to add hundreds of wind turbines in Iowa as well as nationwide.

In addition to generating electricity for the DMACC Ankeny Campus, the wind turbine is used by students to learn about its operation, maintenance, and repair. As a result, the turbine will occasionally not be turning, even on a windy day.

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