Respiratory Therapy Program


With a DMACC Respiratory Therapy Degree you can make a significant difference in the lives of persons with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other injuries and illnesses that affect the ability to breathe properly.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a great deal of information about the need for respiratory therapists and the advantages of a career in this profession.

Respiratory Therapy in the News

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Student Testimonials

DMACC Respiratory Therapy Degree student Amy Sonderman Tejen Adhikari​
Respiratory Therapy
Helping other have always been my passion. Being respiratory therapist, I would be a frontline helper to the people that have breathing issues with various diseases and conditions. As far as the program goes, DMACC has lower fees, great group of professors and staff who goes extra miles to help student succeed.
Naomie Lemeuble

Naomie Lemeuble

Respiratory Therapy
I am from Haiti and I moved here to Iowa in 2014. Since I started thinking about what would be career for the next forty years, I always knew I wanted to do something that would make me want to wake up out of bed happy every morning, no matter how hard it might be. I started nursing school back home in a school that would literally be called an Ivy League school, but the hum wasn’t there. I chose to switch to Respiratory Therapy after I decided nursing was not for me, not knowing how much I would like it. And of course, I found my hum. Since I started this profession, where I am basically exposed to every single side of it (classroom, hospitals and administration), I don’t wake up every morning wondering what I am doing with my life anymore. It fits my personality and exactly what I was looking for. My classmates are awesome and my teachers make themselves available, which is a bonus for me because I do ask a lot of questions. Also, it a tremendous privilege to be taught by Kerry George. He did so much for our profession and he has a lot to tell. As a learner, I will keep listening and be shaped, so I can be a great Respiratory Therapist one day.
DMACC Respiratory Therapy Degree student Amy Sonderman

Giange Nguyen

Respiratory Therapy
 I was recommended to take a look at Respiratory Therapy major via an RT, who has worked in this field for over 20 years. The more I searched for information about this career, the more I was amazed by the responsibilities, skills, and knowledge that I would build up as an RT in the future. So, I decided to enroll at DMACC and study it. DMACC has small size classes and professors who see my potential and resources to help me succeed.  In addition, DMACC also provides a number of environments to practice essential skills not only at school but also at most hospitals in Des Moines areas like Iowa Methodist Medical Center, Mercy...where I can do clinicals to help me gain and develop experiences. Needless to say, I’ve loved studying this major so far, loved to see how my patients get better after treatment and loved myself being more and more passionate as an RT student because I know it’s a perfect fit for my future. If you like critical thinking, being creative, helping people in need or treat patients with chronic breathing issues, RT program at DMACC will be a great choice.​