Fitness/Sports Management

The DMACC Fitness and Sports Management Degree is designed to be a 2-year program. This degree is designed for individuals who would like to pursue a career in the fitness, sports, recreation, or health fields. All first year students will take the same classes.

Second year students will pursue either

  • a fitness option, with an emphasis on science, or
  • a sports option, with more emphasis on business.

Plus, through 2+2 agreements with Iowa State University and University of Iowa, students may go on and earn their four-year degree conveniently and efficiently.

Earn a Fitness & Sports Management Associates of Science (AS) degree in one of these concentrations:  


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Business Option

Earn a Sports Management Associates of Arts (AA) degree in preparation for a career in the business side of fitness, sports, or wellness.

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DMACC Fitness and Sports Management Degree class