​​Do I need to apply to a certain​​ city in order to test?

No – The goal for the te​sting consortium is for applicants to complete the testing process before applications are accepted.  By applying with a department within the consortium, the process will be fast-tracked.

How long is my te​st score valid?

Your scores, both written and physical ability are valid for 12 months.  If you fail either examination, re-tests can be completed after 3​ months. 

Which departments​​​ can I apply for using the scores for this testing consortium?

The members page shows the departments in the consortium.

Can I apply for multip​​le departments?

You can apply for any or all departments within the testing consortium, when applications are being accepted. 

Who do I contact if I ​​have specific questions about a hiring process for a certain city?

Emails for city contacts can be found on the members page.

Who do I contact if I ​have issues creating an account with IO Solutions?

Please contact IO Solutions directly for login account information or issues

Who do I cont​​act if I have issues with a test date/time that is given to me, or I need to cancel?

Please contact Division Chief Dan Schellhase, Ankeny Fire Department, dschellhase@ankenyiowa.gov, (515) 965-6473.​