Entrepreneurship Program

The many rewards and challenges of owning your own business are being realized by increasing numbers of people. The DMACC Entrepreneurship program will help you put together or improve your plans for being successful in owning or operating a small business.

In addition to innovative marketing strategies, creative financing methods and employee development skills, the program emphasizes personal development in accounting, supervision, communication and relationship management. Both day and evening courses are offered.

Each year we offer an Entrepreneurship Day which offers a blend of speakers and panelists on current topics and issues.

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Vada Grantham

Vada Grantham

Ankeny Campus
Building 8, Room 14

Vada received a BA degree in Business from Grand View College in 1987. Vada and his wife Teresa started their market research firm in 1987 in the basement of their home with just two employees. During the initial years of business, they were in the food industry with a client list of General Mills, Keebler, Pillsbury, Nabisco, Kraft, and more. Their primary services were providing food samples to shoppers in the supermarkets and Sam's Clubs. They sold the food division in 1999 with over 500 employees in eight Midwestern states.

Today, the company is a full-service research firm with 10 employees and provides consumer research to a variety of industries.

Vada said his professional aspiration is to take DMACC's Small Business Entrepreneurship Program to unprecedented heights by creating market demands for programs that are developed through- innovative thinking, strategic processes, and continuously keeping a pulse on a technologically savvy and ever-changing world!

As a professor, his primary goal is to create a learning environment for his students that is; intellectually stimulating, engaging, and thought provoking.

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