Criminal Justice Program

​​​​​​​​For almost 50 years, DMACC has been a leader in providing criminal justice education programs. The Criminal Justice Program is designed to provide a general criminal justice education with academic emphasis in law enforcement, corrections, electronic crime, homeland security, crime scene investigation, and digital forensics.

Degree Programs

DMACC Criminal Justice offers four degree programs in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Electronic Crime, and Homeland Security. Select a program below for more information.

Law Enforcement Degree Program 
Corrections Degree Program 
Electronic Crime Degree Program 
Homeland Security Degree Program 

Certificate Programs

DMACC Criminal Justice offers three certificate programs in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), Digital Forensics, and Homeland Security. Select a program below for more information.

CSI Certificate Program 
Digital Forensics Certificate Program 
Homeland Security Certificate Program 

Meet Your Professor(s)

Student Testimonial

Noemi Villasenor

​Noemi Villasenor

Criminal Justice
The teachers are very helpful, attentive and just great people. My favorite thing is coming to class because it's very comfortable. It's a big family here. The Criminal Justice Club is very interesting because the professors share their stories and life experiences.







​Employment in the criminal justice field is highly dependent upon one's character and background. Students who have a criminal history may complete the program of study, but it is NOT likely that they will find employment in the criminal justice field, and students with a criminal history may NOT be eligible for an internship, which is required for the AAS degree.