Emergency Management Certificate Program

​Handling an incident, severe weather event, or other disaster doesn't start when first responders arrive or leave. It begins with preparation ahead of time. And it ends weeks, months -- sometimes years – later when a community or organization has been restored.  

That's where people skilled in emergency management step in. Every organization, every community needs people who know what to do – before, during, and after first responders leave.

Work in this highly rewarding field can take many directions:

  • From front-line positions to behind-the-scenes personnel
  • In specialties such as accounting, community relations, criminal justice, emergency planning, grants management, supply chain management, communications, and more
  • Responsible for tasks such as
    • Overseeing emergency planning and training programs.
    • Coordinating disaster response and recovery efforts.
    • Being involved in community relations activities.
    • Administering community grant programs.
    • Engaging various sectors of the community.
    • Providing public information and warning to the community.


So, whether you

  • Already are a public servant and want to add to your skillset or
  • Want a career in public service but don’t know your exact path

our new Emergency Management Certificate program will benefit you now and in your future.

This program

  • Teaches you how to mitigate the chaos that comes with an emergency before the event and be prepared for what follows a disaster
  • Is designed and taught by professionals with real-world experience
  • Is entirely online
  • Can be completed in two semesters – just 18 credits
  • Uses open source documents, requiring no textbooks

What’s more, an Emergency Management certificate from DMACC:

  • Could provide professional development credits for gaining and maintaining industry certifications
  • Can apply to a two-year degree program, such as DMACC’s Criminal Justice degree with a Homeland Security concentration, and may even transfer to a four-year college of your choice.

Get prepared for the next emergency and your future. Enroll today!

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