Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Certificate

Colonel Mustard, with the candlestick, in the Billiard Room. The clues were there for you to find.

Do you walk in a room and realize something's amiss? Love a good mystery? Interested in solving puzzles? Are you detail-oriented? Do you like to apply logical thinking to problem-solving? Good at analyzing human behavior?   

The Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Certificate is designed for those

  • new to law enforcement,
  • in law enforcement and forensics personnel wanting to upskill
  • with a science background to pursue crime lab analysis
  • in the private sector including security, loss prevention agents, investigators, fraud investigators

The CSI Certificate will train you for all aspects of investigations with hands-on learning.

What You'll Do:

  • Document, collect, preserve evidence in crime scenes.
  • Use a variety of investigative methods to assist in case analysis.
  • Apply problem-solving and reasoning to complex situations.
  • Communicate and interact with people of diverse backgrounds.

This 17​ credit certificate program is available on the Ankeny Campus.

For more information

Danielle Galien
Criminal Justice Professor