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National Court Reporting Week 2019

DMACC Court Reporting Week 2019, photo of court reporting staff and faculty standing around Governor Kim Reynolds desk

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signs a proclamation declaring the week of February 9-16 as Court Reporting and Captioning Week in Iowa. Those taking part in the signing ceremony include: Chelsey Wheeler, (Iowa Court Reporting Association (ICRA) President Elect; Cathy Penniston, DMACC Faculty and NCRA Director; Deb DuBuc, DMACC Realtime Court Reporting faculty; Dr. Patti Dean Ziegler, DMACC Realtime Court Reporting faculty and Department Chair; President Rob Denson; Rachel Waterhouse-Schwalm, ICRA President; Governor Kim Reynolds; Dr. Joe DeHart, Newton Campus Provost; Lindsay Beni, ICRA Treasurer; Todd Nuccio, State Court Administrator; Karrie Truitt, ICRA Freelance/CART Director; and Sarah Bowers, Realtime Court Reporting faculty. DMACC is the only college or university in Iowa and the entire Midwest to offer Court Reporting.

Court Reporting

Put yourself in the center of fascinating events, discussions and judicial proceedings with a realtime DMACC Court Reporter Degree: the person entrusted with making an accurate, verbatim record of everything spoken in the courtroom. In America's judicial system, court reporters are indispensable. They are the eyes and ears of the courtroom while reporting the official record.

Most judicial proceedings cannot start without a court reporter present, because in the judicial world, if it's not in “the record,” it didn't happen.

The work of realtime court reporters isn't limited to the judicial system. These trained professionals may use their skills to pursue a growing number of options.

Some examples include:

  • Captioning
  • Realtime Broadcast Captioning
  • Depositions
  • Conferences & Conventions
  • Important Meetings
  • Legal and Medical Transcription
  • Educational and Business CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation)

Why should you consider a career in court reporting?

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