Real Time Reporting Program


Court Reporting

Put yourself in the center of fascinating events, discussions and judicial proceedings as a realtime court reporter: the person entrusted with making an accurate, verbatim record of everything spoken in the courtroom. In America's judicial system, court reporters are indispensable. They are the eyes and ears of the courtroom while reporting the official record.

Most judicial proceedings cannot start without a court reporter present, because in the judicial world, if it's not in “the record,” it didn't happen.

The work of realtime court reporters isn't limited to the judicial system. These trained professionals may use their skills to pursue a growing number of options.

Some examples include:

  • Captioning
  • Realtime Broadcast Captioning
  • Depositions
  • Conferences & Conventions
  • Important Meetings
  • Legal and Medical Transcription
  • Educational and Business CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation)

Why should you consider a career in court reporting?

  • High Salaries: The average national annual salary is $62,000 and pay can top out at $100,000, according to the National Court Reporters Association.
  • Job Outlook: Growing field inside and outside the courtroom. Jobs are expected to grow by 14 percent through 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Accommodating Positions: DMACC is the only institution in Iowa to offer Real Time/Court Reporting degree. Flexible schedules and job openings across the state and country.

How to get started?

  • Apply to DMACC today. No application fees and you can apply online.
  • Need money? Visit DMACC's Financial Aid website to learn more about how to fund your education.