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Onsite Training Center

For REGISTRATION questions, please call: 515-964-6800 or 800-342-0033

Onsite wastewater training for Time of Transfer Inspectors, Installers, County Sanitarians, and other industry professionals.

The Onsite Wastewater Training Center of Iowa was established to educate and train people involved in the construction, operation and management of onsite wastewater treatment systems.

Located at the DMACC Ankeny campus, the Training Center includes numerous displays of onsite wastewater technology. Training is also provided at various other statewide locations throughout the year. Onsite wastewater training is designed for county sanitarians, septic system installers, pumpers and designers, but is open to everyone.

Requirements for Online Classes: Computer or Tablet or Smart Phone, Internet Connection, Camera/Webcam, Microphone, and speakers

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Time of Transfer Inspector


You Have
676 days
to recertify
for Time of Transfer
(March 31, 2026)

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Anyone interested in becoming a certified time of transfer inspector must complete the application form on the Iowa DNR website. Once your application is approved by the Iowa DNR, you must sign up for and complete the Time of Transfer Inspector Certification Class offered by DMACC or by calling DMACC at 515-964-6800 or 800-342-0033.