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 Online Career Academy

Online Academy Offerings - 2016-17
"Only these course options can be taken through the Online Academy"


  • ACC111—Intro to Accounting

Business Administration

  • BUS102—Introduction to Business
  • FIN121—Personal Finance

Business Entrepreneurship

  • BUS148—Small Business Management

Criminal Justice

  • CRJ100—Intro to Criminal Justice
  • CRJ111—Police and Society

Early Childhood Education

  • ECE103—Intro to Early Childhood Ed

Fitness & Sports Management

  • PEC110—Coaching Ethics
  • PEH110—Personal Wellness
  • PEH190—Sports Nutrition

Health Occupations

  • HSC120—Medical Terminology I
  • HSC121—Medical Terminology II

Liberal Arts—English

  • ENG105—Composition I
  • ENG106—Composition II

Liberal Arts—Humanities

  • HUM116—Encounters in Humanities
  • DRA101—Intro to Theatre
  • LIT101—Introduction to Literature  
  • PHI101—Introduction to Philosophy  

Liberal Arts— Math

  • MAT110—Math for Liberal Arts
  • MAT141—Finite Math
  • MAT157—Statistics  

Liberal Arts—Sciences

  • ENV103—Sustainable Living

Liberal Arts—Social and Behavioral Sciences


  • ECN120—Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECN130—Principles of Microeconomics


  • GEO111—Intro to Geography


  • HIS112—Western Civilizations—Ancient to Early Modern
  • HIS113—Wester Civilizations—Early Modern to Present
  • HIS150—US History to 1877
  • HIS153—US History 1877 to Present

Political Science

  • POL111—American National Government


  • PSY111—Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY121—Developmental Psychology


  • SOC110—Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC115—Social Problems

Student Development

  • SDV115—Study Strategies

These are the only courses which will be offered through our online academy. Any other courses must be taken through PSEO.