Credit Options

Alternative Credit

​Students may obtain college credit for competencies gained through formal
training, work experience or certain approved examinations. Some alternative methods available include:

  • Converting DMACC continuing education coursework to credit.
  • Converting DMACC corporate training to credit.
  • Earning credit for experiential learning through portfolio development or skills demonstration.
  • Earning credit through the assessment of work experience.
  • Converting certification or licensure from a state or national examination to credit.
More Information

Credit for Educational Experience in the Armed Forces

Educational experiences in the armed forces can be validated and accepted for credit by the College. Credit is granted based on statewide policies at Iowa colleges and universities and based on the applicability of the educational experiences toward meeting the requirements in the student's program of study. An American Council on Education (ACE) publication, "Guide to the Evaluations of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services," is generally used in making these determinations.

Credit is awarded only for significant learning experiences as recommended by the ACE guides. No credit will be awarded based on the Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) evaluation program. Credit may be awarded for coursework completed via correspondence, classroom study and/or examination through the United States Armed Forces Institute. Credit may also be granted on the basis of scores earned on the Subject Standardized Test of the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support (DANTES). Official copies of transcripts showing such work are required for credit evaluation by the Office of Credentials.

Employment Experience Credit

Credit for External Certification/Licensure
If a student has earned certification or licensure from a recognized state or national examination but has not taken that coursework at DMACC, the student may apply for DMACC credit for comparable coursework

Exams for College Credit

Advanced Placement (AP)

This program allows students, while still in high school, to take examinations for credit at the college level. DMACC awards credit for advanced placement through the Advanced Placement Program in art, computer science, English, foreign languages, history, mathematics, music and sciences.

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Advanced Placement credit


Des Moines Area Community College will award credit based on scores obtained on the General examinations and Subject examinations. CLEP credit will not be granted if it duplicates credit for a course already taken.


Challenge Exams (DMACC Local Department Examinations)

Students who have met the entrance requirements of the College and who are matriculating in a program of study leading to a degree, diploma or certificate may take locally constructed departmental examinations for credit in certain specified areas for which they and the department feel they have the necessary preparation.

Students interested in taking a Challenge exam should contact the appropriate academic department for specific information on tests available and fees for testing.

Challenge Exams