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The 2022 Corn Cam

Corn cam hands-on learning

It's a beautiful fall 2022 day for some hands-on learning. Did we set the combine up correctly!? Let's measure and calculate losses, then tie those losses to a per acre price!

Corn crop emerged

First day of summer classes at DMACC Dallas County Farm. The corn cam plot is seeing corn emergence!

Another successful corn cam season

That's a wrap on Corn Cam 2022. Thanks to Channel Seed and WHO Big Show for another successful corn cam season. More details to come on the live radio broadcast!

To order Channel Seed. Reach out to Truesite Seed LLC. Special thanks to Byron Gutshall.

Corn planter

Not much planting was done on the 11th annual edition of the corn cam planting day, but the DMACC farm raised beef burgers were tremendous and the company was good! DMACC Agribusiness shout out to Matt Nelson and Byron Gutshall of Channel seed and Bob Quinn of WHO Big Show for stopping by.

The 2021 Corn Cam

Big Show Corn Cam looking good at the DMACC Farm. Finally experiencing enough moisture and heat unit accumulation to pop the 2021 corn crop out of the ground!

2021 Sponsor: Champion Seeds

Champion Seeds is the DMACC Corn Cam sponsor this year.

Special thanks to Redfield Feed and DMACC alum RC Casteel 

Corncam crops

The corn cam crop is looking great!

A successful corn planting.

Another successful Corn Cam planting!

Corn cam plot greening up

So refreshing! The Countryside is finally starting to green up
After a long, cold winter the sounds, and yes, finally, the sights of spring are beginning to reveal themselves:

Corn crops emerged

The 2021 corn crop is here!

Celebrating 10 years of the corn cam!

Thanks to the Big Show and 2021 sponsor Champion seed as the DMACC Farm and The Big Show enter the 10th growing season of the Corn Cam! Time flies when you are having fun!

Corn cam plot greening up close up

A closer looks shows they are happy and healthy and growing quickly with plenty of moisture and now these warmer temps.

Flying on Rye Crop Cover

Thanks to Iowa Cover Crop for flying on the 2020 rye cover crop! The DMACC Dallas County Farm uses cover crops to suppress weeds in rotated soybean acres, and as a forage to graze cattle on in the fall and early spring months.

The 2019 Corn Cam

Thanks to the Big Show and Champion Seed for another successful Corn Cam season! 248 bushels was the high number for the Champion Seed corn on the test plot. Be sure to contact Redfield Feed and Supply for additional details on the plot and recommendations for next year's growing season.

Corncam plot

Pearson Scholars

Great having two Pearson scholars on the Corn Cam Harvest radio broadcast out at the farm!

Corncam plot closeup

Looking good at the Big Show Corn Cam Plot!

Corn crop emerged

The corn crop has emerged and is looking forward to the sunshine!

Students gaining experience planting.

There's a lot that goes into planting variety test plots. Student workers shown here gaining valuable industry experience.

Corncam birdseye view

The birdseye view from the corn cam today! Thanks to the Big Show for stopping by the farm today!

Crop progressing

The corn crop is progressing nicely... more sunshine, please!

A successful day of planting

A successful day of planting the corn cam plot out at the DMACC Farm! A special thanks to all the help! 

From left: Travis Lautner (DMACC), Michael King (DMACC), RC Casteel (Champion Seed DSM/ DMACC alum), Megan McBride (DMACC student), Megan McIntyre (DMACC student), Julie Kenney (Iowa Deputy Secretary of Ag), Bob Quinn (The Big Show).

Planting day

Planting day at the WHO Corn Cam! Thanks to Champion Seed & Redfield Feed for bringing burgers to grill!!


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