Personal Counseling

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a personal, individual, and confidential growth process during which a professional Counselor assists in defining concerns, clarifying goals and formulating plans to meet those goals. Counselors have advanced education and training in mental health, psychology, or human development principles. They are experts in facilitating communication, providing an attentive, open, and non-judgmental environment.

Meeting with a Counselor is an appropriate way to address personal concerns that may be interfering with academic success. Experimenting with and use of alcohol and/or drugs during the college years may significantly impact one's ability to experience success. If you have concerns for yourself or another, please contact a DMACC Counselor to discuss possible options. Further information is available at Substance Abuse Concerns.

Counselors can help define and address various concerns. Often, college students may experience relationship issues or physical symptoms such as inability to sleep, extreme fatigue, or serious mood changes. You may find a Self Evaluator and other assistance at JED (formerly ULifeline) or Emergency Counseling.

If you are uncertain if you or a friend is in danger of harming yourself or another, seek help immediately!