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DMACC requires skills assessment as determined by the student's selected program of study. When a student applies to DMACC they will receive an email with a checklist generated by Admissions that indicates the assessment(s) required for the designated program of study. Students need to complete the assessment requirements as indicated on the checklist to be admitted into the selected program of study.

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To see what assessments are required for a specific program:

  1. Log into your MyDMACC account and click on the “Student” tab.
  2. Scroll down to Banner Self Service and then click on “View Admissions Applications”.
  3. Follow the assessment requirements made by the Admissions Office.

Students must meet any assessment entry requirements before the application to their DMACC Program can be accepted. Admission for many programs is on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is important to complete any assessment entry requirements as soon as possible.

In some cases, prior college courses can be used to waive assessments. Students may submit official transcripts sent directly from their college to

Students who have not already taken ALEKS® and wish to enroll for the first time in a math course at DMACC will be required to take the ALEKS® math placement assessment before registering in a math class. See the ALEKS® homepage for further requirements/recommendations.

For purposes of admission, international students must meet the college assessment requirements for math and provide official evidence of English proficiency as stated in policy ES4205 – Assessment of Students Whose First Language Is Not English.

Students needing disability-related accommodations to complete an assessment requirement must provide documentation of the disability prior to testing. Students are to contact the Disabilities Services Coordinator at Ankeny, or the counseling/advising office or Dean’s/Provost’s/Associate Provost’s office on any campus for an Application for Accommodation. The necessary accommodations will be arranged with the testing center in advance of the testing time.

If assessments are not required through the admissions checklist, new students and students without college experience in the past five (5) years are strongly encouraged to take the Next Generation ACCUPLACER® assessment. The assessments provide information about students’ academic skills in reading and writing, which can be used to assist with course selection and schedule planning.

  • The college does not charge for the Next Generation ACCUPLACER® assessment but does require a two-week waiting period between testing times with a strong recommendation to seek remediation for the area(s) in need of retesting.
  • For programs of study requiring the Next Generation ACCUPLACER® assessment, students may submit ACT scores to meet DMACC’s assessment requirements. ACT scores must be sent to the admissions office.
  • The following criteria are used to grant assessment waivers:
    • Writing grade of C or higher in a college-level writing course.
    • Reading grade of C or higher in 6 hours of college-level academic course work such as psychology, sociology, economics, etc. and/or vocational technical course work requiring comparable reading skills.
    • Math grade of C or higher in a college-level math course. ALEKS® assessment may be required for students that wish to take additional math courses at DMACC.
    • Pre-high school, high school, home school and guest students must meet the college assessment requirements as stated in policy ES4100 – General Admission Requirements and policy ES4202 – Mathematics Placement.

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