Preadmissions Biology

Pre-admissions Biology Course Description

Structure and Function of the Body is a noncredit, independent study course. It is designed for students with little or no high school biology background who are planning to enter a health science or science career.

The full course is divided into two parts: Biology I and Biology II. Biology I is equivalent to the first semester of a high school biology course. Biology II is equivalent to the second semester of a high school biology course. Each part contains seven chapters, with a test after each chapter. All seven test scores are averaged together and a minimum 70% average must be obtained. ‚Äč

While the course concentrates upon the structures and functions of the human body, it also provides many clinical applications of the biological information.

The course content includes studies of cells, mitosis, tissues and each of the systems of the human body. Two major unifying themes are stressed. First, structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) complement one another. Second, the structures and functions of the human body can be explained as working to keep the internal environment in a relatively constant, but dynamic, condition, known as homeostasis.

View the syllabus for part I and part II of preadmissions biology.