Nurse Aide 75 Hour (Basic)

NEW Nurse Aide registration changes for Spring 2022. Read carefully!​

This course prepares the student to work in a nursing home, home health care agency, group home and/or hospital. The first 45 hours of the course are held in a classroom/lab and the remaining 30 hours of clinical will be in a nursing home. You will give resident/patient care under the supervision of your instructor. At the end of this course, you must take the Direct Care Worker Registry written and skills exam to be eligible for employment.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Where Do I Start?

​​​Step 1 - Apply for Admission

Applying online for admission to DMACC is quick, easy, and FREE. 

  • ​Select “Nurse Aide” as your major if you only plan on taking Nurse Aide classes.
  • Once application is approved, continue to Step 2.

​Step 2 - Register for your chosen Nurse Aide course

  • Registration Opens: Nurse Aide courses follow DMACC credit registration dates.
  • Class Schedules: Nurse Aide classes can be found here by searching for SUBJECT =Nurse Aide Orderly or COURSE = 172
  • Waitlist: As of Summer 2022, the DMACC registration Waitlist feature has been activated for Nurse Aide classes.


​Step 3 - Submit Required Forms


(1) These forms must be completed immediately after registering for your Nurse Aide course.

(2) Click on each link below to complete the form.

(3) You will not be allowed to start your Nurse Aide class if these forms have not been submitted.​

​​Click on link below to submit the form online
​» Course Acknowledgement Form

Read closely and sign electronically that you understand and agree to the course requirements for attendance, etc.​​

» Notice & Release of Criminal Background Check

This gives DMACC permission to run the required background check for you.  Students do not have to run background checks on their own.​

» Criminal History Record Check DMACC will run a background check on every last name you have had in your life (ex: maiden, married, adopted, etc.).  Criminal convictions or documented history of abuse may prevent students from participating in the course.​

» Student Notice and Consent to Release Information
​Read closely and sign electronically that you understand and agree with the release of information.
» Student Standard Training Agreement with Practicum/Clinical

​Read closely and sign electronically that you understand and agree to with the practicum/clinical requirements.​
» Integrity Statement
​Read closely and sign ​electronically that you understand and agree with the integrity statement.


1) Once you are registered for a Nurse Aide class, you will receive an email to your DMACC email address with instructions on where to upload the health forms below. You are responsible for checking your DMACC email address through your myDMACC portal.

2) Begin working on gathering the information you need for these forms right away.

3) Once you have completed the additional forms, you can upload them through the Viewpoint platform (Refer to email you received at your DMACC email address. See (1))

4) You will NOT be allowed to proceed to the clinical portion of your Nurse Aide class if all forms are not submitted and processed through the Viewpoint platform.

​Form to Download & Have Completed by your Healthcare Provider
(Forms can be printed or you can download and email forms to your provider to have them completed)​

​No additional form needed but you will need a copy of your electronic CPR card once you've completed the class. See "description" column for appropriate courses.

​Proof of successful completion of HEALTHCARE PROVIDER LEVEL CPR required. Courses that are completely online are not accepted. Class can be web-blended but must have face-to-face skills check off. For best search results, on the sites below, search for "healthcare" CPR classes. Approved CPR classes include:
  • American Heart Association: Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider OR Blended Learning Heartcode BLS (this is an online course followed by a face-to-face skills test)
  • American Red Cross: Basic Life Support-BL OR Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED-BL

» Download printable copy of Flu Vaccine form 

All students must complete and indicate the term you will enroll. The term enrolled determines your flu shot requirements. This form must be completed even when your class does not meet during flu season.

» Download printable copy of TB Testing form 

All students must provide proof that they do not have active TB by having this form completed by your doctor. You may choose to have two skin tests or one TB blood test. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. See TB form for details.

​» Download​ printable copy of Physical &
​I​mmunizations form

​​All students must have a current physical (within one year of the end of the class you choose to take) as well as proof of required immunizations.  
​​No additional form needed but you will need a copy of your COVID vaccination record.​​
​​All students must provide proof of COVID vaccination.

Religious COVID or Flu Shot Exemption Instructions:

  1. Click this link to request a Religious Exemption.
  2. If approved by DMACC, upload your Exemption Approval(s) to Viewpoint.


Medical COVID or Flu Shot Exemption Instructions:

  1. Have your Healthcare Provider complete the attached Medical Exemption form(s).
  2. Click this link to request a Medical Exemption and upload the form(s) completed by your Provider (step 1).
  3. If approved by DMACC, upload your Exemption Approval(s) to Viewpoint.​
How Can I Find the​ Forms I Submitted?   Click​​ Here
How Long Do My Form​ Submissions Stay Active? The entire Academic Year (August - July)​


Please watch this video for instructions on How to Complete and Submit the Prerequisite Packet.

​Prerequisite Packet must be submitted and approved prior to online registration.
Online registratio​n closes three days prior to start of class. 


Application & Registration

Students who wish to register for the nurse aide courses will need ​to apply for admission, be accepted at DMACC, and complete prerequisite packet prior to enrolling in the courses.    


We will only accept completed packets. Packets can be submitted two ways only:

  • Scan full completed packet and email to from your DMACC email address, or
  • Deliver packet in person to the DMACC Ankeny Campus Building 24, Room 308. (Note: packets will not be accepted in person at any other location.)