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​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome, and congratulations on pursuing the education and training you need to get the new job or promotion you deserve!

DMACC helps thousands of working adults, so you’ll see people of all ages in our classrooms. While enrollment is large, our class sizes are small, averaging fewer than 18 students to one professor. That means you get a personalized education by faculty who care about you.

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​Student Testimonials

Andrea VanBuskirk

​Andrea VanBuskirk

DMACC has been very good to my family. My youngest will be attending in the fall. It's a family affair. I can take classes at my own pace while working full-time, planning a graduation, planning a wedding.         

Michelle Pritchard

​Michelle Pritchard

I chose DMACC because it is local and easier for me to fit in my schedule. I work full-time and have two children so I am very busy.​​​​

Travis Herman

​Travis Herman

DMACC fits my schedule. I'm older than most students and it has been very easy for me to adapt. I really like how many classes they offer and how versatile they are. I have taken classes on most of the campuses and they are all really nice.​​​​

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