Two-Year Degrees

You're on your way to a liberal arts and sciences degree

DMACC offers you the opportunity to earn a liberal arts and sciences degree that can lead you to a satisfying career or lay the groundwork for advanced studies at the four-year institution of your choice.

Two-year Associate's degree programs available for adult learners at DMACC include:

  • Communications
  • Social & Behavior Sciences
  • Math & Sciences
  • Humanities

Check out for complete campus and degree information and to download a Program Information Brief (PIB) for complete details on the programs of greatest interest to you.

Preprofessional Programs

DMACC offers eight tracks to give you core classwork toward a professional degree. Attend DMACC for your first two years, and then transfer to a four-year college or university to finish your degree. Click on a preprofessional track below to see what classes you can take at DMACC for your professional degree preparation: