What Our Students Say

Andrea VanBuskirk“DMACC has been very good to my family. My youngest will be attending in the fall. It's a family affair.

I can take classes at my own pace while working full-time, planning a graduation, planning a wedding.”

Andrea VanBuskirk

Michelle Prichard“I chose DMACC because it is local and easier for me to fit in my schedule. I work full-time and have two children so I am very busy.”

Michelle Prichard

Travis Herman“DMACC fits my schedule. I'm older than most students and it has been very easy for me to adapt. I really like how many classes they offer and how versatile they are. I have taken classes on most of the campuses and they are all really nice.”

Travis Herman

Angie Larsen“I like the diversity. I have learned a lot about myself in the first semester at DMACC.”

Angie Larsen

Charles Sang“I chose DMACC because of its flexibility of scheduling classes. Also the finances were very reasonable and the ability to learn in small controlled spaces sure beats large class learning.”

Charles Sang

Olga Grobstick“DMACC attracted me for several reasons: affordable tuition, student loans, good teachers, flexible schedule, Trail Point, DMACC Business Resources, the career fairs and much more. I love DMACC!”

Olga Grobstick


“The smaller classroom sizes were the deciding factor for me coming to DMACC because I wanted to have classroom discussions and not feel like just another number.”
Aaron, 34, Ankeny, Liberal Arts


“DMACC is affordable and the teachers are very helpful. They have made it easier for me to understand the course due to the fact that English is my second language.”
Emina, 26, Ankeny, Dental Hygiene


“DMACC is a great place to continue my education. It's affordable and the teachers are very helpful since English is my second language.”
Quynh, 25, Liberal Arts (Pre-Pharmacy)


“I chose to start off at DMACC because it was close to home, low cost tuition and the small classroom size environment. Going to DMACC gave me the opportunity to work full time and still be a student while making it flexible, balancing out with my personal life.”
Vilu, 20, Liberal Arts


“My experiences at DMACC have been great. I have met many great people and been exposed to many different cultures.”
Guadalupe, 20, Business Administration


“There's always someone at DMACC to help out with academic problems. There's always an advisor available to talk to and also tutors to help me out if I am struggling in class.”
Jeneba, 22, Nursing


“One of the main reasons I decided to attend DMACC was because of the teachers. When I checked out DMACC, I was able to meet up with Monte Ballard, who is head of the graphic design program. He explained everything to me and is by far the best teacher I have ever had.”
Lucas, 20, Graphic Design


“I chose DMACC because I wanted something smaller than a university, but still be able to be involved and take classes I need for my major. I also chose DMACC because it was very affordable.”
Allisa, 20, Liberal Arts (Elementary Education)


“My experience at DMACC opened my eyes to careers and opportunities I would have never dreamed of being a part of. It's because of DMACC and the faculty that I am on the career path that I am.”
Mark, 20, Paramedic Specialist


“DMACC classes have allowed me to prove to myself that the learning experience can be achieved at any age.”
Patrick, 47


“My experience thus far has been exceptional. The professionalism and class interaction makes every day enjoyable.”
Brian, 39


“While I'm just starting at DMACC, my daughter is also attending and has shown me that a career change in midlife is a great adventure.”
Duane, 46


“The staff and instructors have been very helpful in aiding my success here at DMACC.”
Nicole, 38


“After more than 30 years in the workplace, the company I worked for shut down… DMACC was the perfect choice. As a nontraditional student, I was looking for small class sizes, helpful instructors, quality education and close to home. DMACC was the only local college to offer all of these factors along with a much lower cost than other educational institutions.”
Mike, 52


“DMACC is a great place to reinvent yourself for the nontraditional, older student. I have been fortunate to have excellent, supportive instructors who instill up-to-date knowledge and skills and provide me with enormous confidence and creativity. They have [also] given me "life" knowledge and the power to realize anything is possible if you believe in yourself, work hard and are motivated.”
Marlys, 55


“The professors are all hands on and dedicated to helping students to be successful in their learning experiences. The transfer programs that DMACC offers with all of the colleges and universities in the state have has helped tremendously in my seamless transfer to Drake University. I highly recommend DMACC to anyone who has not been in a learning environment in several years or more, and it has given me the tools I need to get back in the game and achieve my full potential.”
Brian, Liberal Arts


“I began taking classes full-time at the DMACC Ankeny campus at the age of 25. I have heard great things about DMACC and I was excited to begin the college experience. I am almost finished with my second year Associate degree in Business Administration. Ever since day one, I have had amazing and helpful teachers that have made my experience even better. I am glad that I chose DMACC to get my degree and I am excited to see what my future holds!”
Stacey, Business Administration


“Going back to school at age 31 with three kids and years of staying home is scary for many reasons. I chose DMACC because it seemed to and did address many of those reasons. The affordable classes allow me to pay out of pocket and stay debt free. The smaller campus and small class sizes made the transition from my class A high school easier. Best of all, professors who are still active in their fields enables them to teach practical, real world examples, not just theory. My journey at DMACC has turned out to be one of the best and most amazing choices of my life. I am grateful for every experience and every connection I have made here.”
Jolynne, Fitness Management


“I chose DMACC to begin my college education with liberal arts classes to earn my two year degree. With smaller classes it is easier to get to know students and teachers and to get more one-on-one help if needed which makes going to school more enjoyable for me. DMACC was the perfect place for me to start my college education!”
Morgan, Liberal Arts


“I chose to attend DMACC to further my education. I am an older student looking for a better career than many dead end jobs that I have worked at before. I feel I am worthy of a better career and DMACC seemed like the best choice.”
Eric, Liberal Arts

“DMACC exemplifies an interactive and affordable experience, especially for working adults. I chose to attend DMACC to further my career in radiology.”
Tori, Radiology