BellRoom Café

"Do you feel lost, confused, or frustrated with your writing? Do you have an idea, but can't get it down on paper? Are you confused about how to make sense of your thoughts? How about grammar and writing correct paragraphs? Need help getting your ideas to flow and bringing the reader through to the end?

Let the BellRoom Café help you withwriting,critical thinking, and other skills. Make an appointment by emailing ( or drop by the BellRoom Café (West Campus, 2nd floor). Check our workshop listing (below)for classes to help avoid plagiarism,use proper grammar, and imrpove study skills.

Earn "punches" for a free slice of pizza when we work together to help you succeed(see brochure).

Monday-Thursday: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

We accept all students who need help. Don't miss this chance!

Contact Information:
DMACC West Campus
Bell Room, 2nd floor
Mary Hanson Harrison
Phone: 515-771-6131

Success is in your hands. Come on time, do the work, and you will leave a better student.