Phi Beta Lambda

Phi Beta Lambda will help you to:

  • develop competent aggressive business leadership skills
  • establish career goals
  • gain personal and professional growth through business contacts
  • make the transition from school to work
  • understand the American business enterprise system
  • develop self-confidence and discipline
  • make friends through social activities

Phi Beta Lambda demonstrates Credibility and leadership:

PBL at DMACC campuses is a very active organization. Each campus group is lead by an officer team, (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Historian/Reporter, & Parliamentarian), and by committee chairs, (fundraising, civic, social, professional, & membership).
DMACC's PBL chapters have many major accomplishments. We have hosted Iowa State Leadership Conference. We have had several winners at our State Conference, and some have had the opportunity to attend the National Conference. Some members have been appointed to the DMACC Student Action Board, and during the year, we have helped the community with civic committee activities.

Phi Beta Lambda Membership

A variety of people of all ages participate. Our members come from over 14 different majors. Some of our members are also involved in other activities such as, parenting, outside jobs, and maintaining a membership in other organizations and clubs. Most of our students demonstrate high academic standards.

PBL Involvement consists of:

  • Leadership conference
  • State and National Contests
  • Fund-raisers
  • Socials—Christmas party, Pizza Parties, Picnics
  • Business Networking (guest speakers, student contacts through field trips, etc.)
  • Business meetings
  • Information Table at start of each semester
  • Civic and Community activities
  • Assist with other campus activities

For more information on this exciting organization, stop at the Phi Beta Lambda Headquarters
Room 202E
Phone 663-2453
Mr. Richard O'Neill, Advisor