Procedures for Unexpected Deployment To Active Duty

Soldiers Departing

ALERT - If you have notice of unexpected deployment and have received approval of a financial aid loan, click here for more information. Note: These policies do not apply to students leaving for basic training, technical school or annual training.

Des Moines Area Community College is eager to cooperate with the United States Department of Defense and the Iowa National Guard when, in the event of a national emergency, students who are members of the military are called to active duty. Institutional procedures are in place for easing such a transition with as little hassle for the student as possible.

Once orders for deployment are received by a student, he/she must present a copy of those orders to the Veterans Services Coordinator. All deployment drops are done through the VA office.

If a student is unable to bring copies of their orders to the college, they can be sent by mail or with a third party.

When the orders have been received by the DMACC Veterans Coordinator:

  • VA staff will complete a drop/withdrawal form, attach said orders and submit to the Records Specialist for processing. Tuition will be refunded to the tuition payee at 100%.

  • Will remove the student from enrollment calculations (for term in question).

  • A copy of the drop/withdrawal will be mailed or otherwise provided to the student.
    The refunds of tuition/fees will be administered to students and agencies via normal operating procedures.

  • Agency, Title IV, External Scholarships (where DMACC was co-payee), Foundation Scholarships, etc. where monies were utilized to pay for books, supplies, tools, uniforms, etc. will be refunded to the extent that the Financial Aid Office can recover such items. In each instance, funding agencies (VA, banks, JTPA, PROMISE, employers, etc.) will be notified by the appropriate departments at DMACC.

  • In the event that a student has completed a sufficient and significant portion of the coursework (as determined by the instructor) a grade may be assigned. In this event the instructor shall notate the Grade Sheet with the statement "Grade assigned to activated reservist." (The DVA advises against taking incompletes. It interferes with benefits payments.)

  • In the event that an instructor wishes to allow the student to complete the course at a later date, a "W" grade shall be assigned on the Grade Sheet with the same notation as required above.

  • In no event may a student receive both a refund and a grade of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F, or W.