Program Services

Academic Advising, Mentoring, and Career Exploration

Academic Advising and Mentoring Personal and academic advisement is available on an individual basis. Our program embraces Intrusive Academic Advising principles, therefore students are required to participate in a scheduled advising curriculum, where they meet with their assigned professional advisor a minimum of three times per semester. The contact is frequent and continuous throughout the student's tenure in the program, and can cover: academic advisement, career exploration, college policies and expectations, course selection and registration, employment searches, financial literacy, financial aid application processes, personal counseling, and transfer planning.

Cultural and Social Engagement Events

Cultural Events TRIO/SSS participants are encouraged to participate in Cultural and Social Engagement events sponsored by TRIO/SSS and DMACC. These activities may include educational field trips to museums and exhibits, concerts, musicals, plays, sporting events, and service learning activities. Transportation and admission to these events are at no cost to the participant and are accessible on a first-come, first-served registration basis. TRIO/SSS participants are expected to attend one Cultural and Social Engagement event each academic year. A $5.00 deposit is required at the time students sign up for an event in order to ensure that attendance is not hindered to others by 'no-shows'. This deposit is returned to the students when they turn in the "Cultural and Social Engagement Event Evaluation" to the TRIO/SSS office. The deposit is non-refundable for anyone who does not attend as expected.

Laptop and Calculator Loan Program

HP laptop computers and TI-83 Cannon graphing calculators are available for check-out to TRIO/SSS participants who are in good standing with the program. There are a limited number of devices available; therefore laptops and calculators are loaned out on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants are expected to sign a Loan Agreement before devices are released to them.

Scholarship Award Competitions

Scholarship Competition Sufficient financial aid packages are crucial to college students. TRIO/SSS participants are advised of the various types of financial aid available and application procedures. Additional scholarship opportunities may be available to qualifying TRIO/SSS participants.

The TRIO/SSS Federal Student Scholarship Award is provided by the U.S. Department of Education to support the educational pursuits of outstanding TRIO/SSS participants. Scholarship amounts are dependent upon program funding. These competitive awards are primarily reserved for freshmen and sophomore participants who are in good academic standing, Pell Grant eligible, and have been active members of the program for at least one semester. Candidates must complete the mandatory application process and qualifying requirements.

Skill Development Seminars/Workshops

Skill Development TRIO/SSS administration organize a variety of seminars, workshops, and group counseling sessions which address topics such as: career discovery, effective communication, financial literacy, financial aid, healthy living, resume building, stress and time management, study skills, test anxiety, and transfer planning. Other group sessions may be designed depending on the needs of participants. Participants are expected to attend at least one program-sponsored Seminar/Workshop each semester.

Transfer Support

For those who plan to continue their education beyond DMACC, there is assistance and information available to enable their successful transfer as they continue their education. Students will have the opportunity throughout the year to visit a variety of in-state College and University campuses.

‚ÄčTutorial Services and Supplemental Instruction

Tutorial Services The TRIO/SSS Success Lab provides free peer tutoring and supplemental instruction to all SSS participants. The availability of tutors is not guaranteed. Our program however, strives to provide quality tutoring for most courses offered at Des Moines Area Community College-Urban Campus. Tutors are expected to possess strong competencies in the areas of communication (written and oral), mathematics, life and physical sciences, Spanish and French languages, and computer skills.