How to Apply

​​Students may apply for the TRIO/Student Support Services program by obtaining a copy of the Student Support Services Application for Admission from the program office in Building 1, Room 210 on the DMACC-Urban Campus.

Before an application is released, student will be required to answer a series of questions in order to determine preliminary eligibility.

All applicants who meet eligibility requirements will be considered for admission. However, the program only admits a limited number of students each semester. Therefore, eligibility does not guarantee admittance.

Students must accurately complete the Application for Admission and provide all requested documentation before they are considered for admission.

Qualifying candidates will be invited to complete an Intake Interview. Once the Intake Interview is complete the candidate's Application for Admission and credentials are evaluated by the Program Director for final determination.

In preparation for the Intake Interview we ask candidates to review the program brochure and visit the TRIO/SSS website. These resources detail the services provided by TRIO/SSS and the expectations established for program participants.

Additional information regarding the Intake Interview may be found on the TRIO/SSS Intake Interview page.

Preliminary Screening

This is a preliminary screening form below.  Responses to all items are required. TRIO Student Support Services has a limited number of available spots which are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Your responses on this form require confirmation and do not guarantee that we can provide the services requested. No personally identifiable information is provided to anyone outside of DMACC, except with your permission. Failure to provide the required information may prevent us from providing the services requested.

You will be notified via email of your eligibility to receive services from TRIO SSS where further instruction​s will be provided.


Are you a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident (Green Card holder) of the United States? *
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Are you receiving or have you applied for financial aid? *
Are you eligible for the Federal Pell Grant? *
Have either of you custodial parents received a 4-year college degree in the United States? *
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Are you enrolled 9 credits of 100 or higher courses at DMACC Urban Campus? *
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Are you in good academic standing (GPA above 2.0 cumulative an completion rate above 67%; if this is your first term at DMACC, you must have at least C's in all of your classes at midterm)? *
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