Native Landscaping

​Why is it Important?

Each and every one of us can do our part.

Whether you plant a single pot on your back porch or an entire prairie field, YOU can make a difference! Thanks to information provided by Blank Park Zoo’s Plant.Grow.Fly. program, you will find easy, region-specific garden recipes to help you create a wildlife oasis in your yard. These expertly researched garden recipes will help you to plant flower and grasses that benefit local species the most.

These easy-to-follow recipes can be formed to your landscaping needs, from pet-friendly to sweet smelling, low-budget to no-expenses spared. Gardens can range from several plants in a pot to a whole backyard ecosystem! 

Experts agree that even small patches of appropriate habitat on roadsides, in schoolyards, corporate landscapes, and backyards can help support local wildlife like butterflies and bees. These gardens can act as bridges to other gardens; creating a corridor of resources that our native species so desperately need.

Starting Your Garden from the Ground Up

Although the following information is focused on pollinator habitat, native landscaping is reestablishing elements of a historical ecosystem.  All prairie animals evolved with these plants.  For example, attracting pollinators will attract birds, and so the reconstruction begins! 

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