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Zach E. Hamlet Center
Welcome to the Zack Hamlett / AEL Center - Building 5

Urban's Zack Hamlett / Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) Center offers academic and support services to students who seek a High School Equivalency Diploma (HiSED) or a high school diploma. Any person who is 17 or older can enroll in Adult Basic Education (ABE), high school completion (HiSET), or high school diploma (HSD), depending on skill level and what is best for each student. Students will receive counseling/advising services when they first enroll. Their skills will be assessed, and they will be placed into appropriate study programs that will challenge, but not overwhelm them.

Find Out More About Our Offerings

If your first goal is to get a High School Equivalency Diploma (HiSED), go to the HiSET website. If your goal is to complete requirements for a high school diploma, select High School Diploma. If you are part of the Youth Consortium, select Youth Consortium.

Barb Hoffman
Instructor Barb Hoffman discussing the concepts of reading with a student.

Meridith Nelson, Lars Fatland and Barb Hoffman
Instructors Meridith Nelson, Lars Fatland and Barb Hoffman taking a breather before the students arrive to class.