Success Stories

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Here are a some comments from TSA professionals who have been through our training.



​I cannot begin to tell you how much I truly enjoyed the TSA Associate program.  I was originally interested in the classes because I thought that they would help me with my growth and development as a TSO, and to be honest they looked interesting.  I was right.  These classes were extremely engaging.  The three classes, “Introduction to Homeland Security, Intelligence Analysis and Security Management and Transportation and Border Security” are in depth and take a real-world approach to Homeland Security and the continuing and evolving threat. These classes are well put together and I felt that I was able to connect the knowledge that I gained in these classes to my work environment immediately.  These classes also challenged me to rethink concepts and ideas that I thought I already had a good grasp on and expanded my knowledge on Homeland Security/TSA and the challenges we face every day in pursuit of our mission. 

The classes are three credit each and designed in a format that is easy for the working professional like my self to be able to balance with my personal/work life.  As they are all online as long as your due dates are met you can work on it at any time. My instructors all had backgrounds in what they were teaching so they were able to share their knowledge and offer depth to the already robust curriculum.  I never had a problem connecting with my instructors if I needed direction.  The Black Board online platform was easy to navigate.  Probably one of the best things about the class is that it was solely made out of TSA employees, so were able to all understand each other when it came to discussions.    

The nine college credits it offers was a great companion to the credits that I had already earned from previous learning, and I was able to transfer my old credits to the college and with my new credits found that I was just over halfway to an AAS in Homeland Security which I am currently pursuing.    

Steve Barger, the program chair, and Donna Kehr the program coordinator were easy to work with when I needed help to transfer my credits.

This is a free program to TSA employees and I believe it to be an invaluable asset to not only front-line employees but to all TSA employees in general who are looking to develop their talent within TSA.


This class gave a detailed education on the criminal investigation process from start to finish. The assignments actually served to reinforce the material and put methods into practice. The final project incorporated all those aspects and the class as a whole was a very worthwhile experience. My advice would be to put time and effort into this class because the resources are there, you’ll truly get out of it what you put in. Have fun!


I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed your course this semester.  I had hoped you would be the instructor for course 303 as well, but I knew that probably wouldn't happen.  I appreciate all your input to my work.  I have learned so much over the past 16 weeks. – Shari (North Carolina) Fall 2017
The class was great and the Blackboard computer platform was awesome - no problems. Additionally Professor Paul J. Schmick did a fantastic job. He posted his video to the class every week and a wrap up video also. It kept me on track, engaged and contributed to my success. Hopefully the next class utilizes his talents and course.    Thank you for all you do, I appreciate it! Please keep me abreast of the next course.


I’m learning a lot in the class.  Not only learning, but re-learning things I already knew but with a different mindset – which is really eye opening.


I have been learning a lot, the class material is right on point with the desired outcome, and from time to time I found myself at work recognizing some of the behaviors or applying some the knowledge and techniques learned in class.  I am feeling more self-assured as time progresses, and I have you to thank for that.


Initially, I was apprehensive of taking online classes. I was accustomed to the formal route of education and was uncertain as to the quality of education I would experience otherwise. DMACC has resolved any and all concerns. My instructor has been attentive and accommodating, while staying on course with the syllabus, in addition to posing thought provoking questions that encourage my progress throughout the semester. The assistance that I have received from my immediate counselor, Donna Kehr, has been exceptional. I look forward to the apparent tradition of excellence DMACC has demonstrated in future courses.


I am truly enjoying the class. And please know that the Instructor is one of the best professors I ever had. Very happy and pleased with his professionalism and knowledge.