Our Equipment

DMACC Transportation Institute takes pride in providing up-to-date equipment representative of industry standard with a variety of engines and transmissions. All training equipment is road-worthy conventional tractors with 9, 10 and 13 speed transmissions. Our truck models include: Freightliner, Volvo and International truck models; Engines include: Cummins and Detroit.

Our goal is to provide training on a variety of equipment to better prepare our graduates for entry in the transportation industry. 

Concourse Training
In addition to our on-the-road training, we offer the following training on our 14 acre concourse.

  • Straight line backing
  • 45 degree alley dock (sightside)
  • 45 degree alley dock (blindside)
  • 90 degree backing
  • Jackknife Parking
  • Serpentine Backing
  • Decision Lane Evasive Steering