Academic Standards

Grades and performance abilities will be monitored and constantly evaluated during the Commercial Vehicle Operator Training program. Should grades become less than acceptable, you will be asked to meet with the appropriate Institute Staff to analyze what must be done to correct the grade situation.

Should it be determined that it is impossible to elevate the grade status, it may become necessary to recommend re-enrollment in the class, or you may be advised to consider another career path.

Expected grade performance is:

  1. Maintaining a 2.0 GPA (Grade Point Average)
  2. Scoring a minimum of 70% on each written examination.
  3. Scoring a minimum of 70% on each concourse competency exercise.
  4. Scoring a 75% on each road evaluation given by the Institute Staff
  5. Receive a passing score on the road test conducted by the Iowa D.O.T. Each participant must meet the Institute's road test standards prior to taking the CDL (commercial drivers license) skills examination.
  6. Submit a log for each day of training.

Grades are based upon the following scale:

= 4.0 GPA - 94% - 100%    
= 3.0 GPA - 86% - 93%
= 2.0 GPA - 75% - 85%
= 1.0 GPA - 70% - 74%