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Business Testimonials

Todd Francisco
Todd Francisco, Assistant Fire Chief
City of Des Moines Fire Department

Customized Training

“Over the past three years, we have developed an outstanding partnership with DMACC to provide paramedic training for our incoming firefighters that takes place onsite at our facility. DMACC has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to working with the College to continue this arrangement for years to come.”

Rose Boehm         
Rose Boehm, Senior Vice President,
 Human Resources, Fidelity & Guaranty Life

Identifying Priorities

“Fidelity & Guaranty Life was introduced to DMACC in 2014. We have built a strong partnership with the College to develop targeted training and development opportunities for our growing staff.  DMACC provided a forum for discussion around our development needs and access to quality instructors who delivered training programs that were exactly on point to obtain the expected results. Easy to work with and very customer focused, DMACC is helping to develop our staff for the future.”

Rob Frew
Rob Frew, Director of Iowa Operations

A Highly-Skilled Workforce

​“Our training partnership with DMACC has enabled us to get our new employees up to speed on the skills they needed to be successful in their new roles and to help Xpanxion continue to grow. Xpanxion directly benefits by having a highly-skilled and motivated workforce.”

Fred Buie
Fred Buie
President and CEO
Keystone Electrical Manufacturing Co./
DMACC Board of Trustees

My First Resource

“DMACC is my first resource for new employees. We’ve recently hired DMACC grads for positions in welding and logistics. They have practical skills, the background and training to assimilate quickly into our fast-paced environment. My experience with DMACC grads is they are work-ready as soon as we hire them. That’s important to my company as well as other growing businesses and manufacturers.”