Develop Your Employees

​Customized Job Training

DMACC's customized training can make your business flourish. Our Tailored Training program can customize content and bundle training to meet your organizations unique needs.

Employee Development

Technical Training


Partner with DMACC

Does your company require your employees to possess a specific skills set that is difficult to find? Work with DMACC to develop training for those employees, or tap into our current  Programs/Majors and classes. We can develop a partnership with your company to connect current DMACC employees with your company while they are learning for employment with your company after graduation.

Funding For Training

Your DMACC Consultant is your partner in achieving business success and will ensure you receive maximum benefits from the time and money you invest in training.

Some training funding options may include:

  • Iowa New Jobs Training Program
    •  260F for businesses improving the skills of existing employees in Iowa, and
    • 260E for businesses creating new jobs in Iowa.
  • Workforce Training and Economic Development Program (WTED) to train employees from entry level to management positions.

Tuition Reimbursement

DMACC has a full range of credit classes to help your employees succeed. Offer tuition reimbursement, and your employees can take advantage of DMACC's Deferred Tuition Plan to take classes and be rewarded for developing skills with passing grades.

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