Frequently Asked Questions-Students

​​​The following are frequently asked questions that have been posed when organizations/businesses change their tobacco use policies. DMACC responses are provided.

  1. What are the specific provisions of the new tobacco use policy?

    Response: Tobacco products cannot be used while on DMACC property.

  2. How does the new policy differ from the previous policy?

    Response: The previous policy allowed students to smoke 25-feet from building entrances and allowed for use of smokeless tobacco.

  3. Does the policy apply to the use of tobacco products besides cigarettes?

    Response: Yes.

  4. Does the policy prohibit me from bringing cigarettes or other tobacco products to the college?

    Response: No. However, they are not to be used while on DMACC property.

  5. To whom does the policy apply?

    Response: Students, faculty, staff, administrators, visitors, delivery services, and contractors.

  6. Is the policy in effect at all times or only during regular working hours?

    Response: At all times

  7. When does the policy take effect?

    Response: DMACC became a Tobacco Free College on July 1, 2008. After a one semester transition period, during which DMACC provided educational materials to students, faculty, staff and visitors, DMACC began citing violations beginning January 1, 2009.

  8. Where does new policy apply? Are any locations exempted?

    Response: This policy applies to all DMACC campuses, attendance centers, and any where that DMACC provides a service (e.g., rental facilities). This also applies to personal vehicles located on DMACC property, DMACC vehicles, walking trails, and outdoor athletic complexes. No DMACC location is exempt.

  9. How do I know where DMACC property begins and ends?

    Response: Please refer to the following website and select the DMACC campus in question.

  10. Am I allowed to smoke in my car while it's parked on DMACC property?

    Response: No. Per Iowa statute (Iowa Code 142D) you may not use tobacco products in a personal or DMACC vehicle while on DMACC property.

  11. How will the policy be enforced?

    Response: In compliance with Iowa Code 142D, Loading...​​, and Loading...

    Beginning January 1, 2009, DMACC will enforce its Tobacco Free Campus Policy through the following:

    First violation, the student will be sent a letter citing that he/she is in violation of DMACC's Tobacco Free Policy as well as Iowa Law H.F. 2212 - The Smoke-Free Air Act. A copy of the Student Conduct/Discipline Report form will be included with the letter.

    Second violation, the student will be sent a letter requiring he/she to meet with either their Provost, Associate Provost or the Judicial Officer (will be designated in the letter) to discuss their continued use of tobacco while at DMACC. The designated DMACC official will be sent a copy of the letter.

    Third violation, the student will be sent a letter indicating that a $50 fine as been placed on their account. He/she will be required to pay all fines prior to being allowed to register for the next term.

    Subsequent violations, the student will be charged a $50 fine for each violation.

  12. What happens if I chose to use tobacco while on DMACC property?

    Response: The process of achieving a tobacco-free environment takes patience and education. DMACC believes that self-enforcement will become part of the norm, and will be similar to that of following Iowa's seat belt laws.

    However, if individuals choose not to comply with the tobacco-free policy, they will be subject to DMACC disciplinary action, as outlined in Loading...​​.

  13. What should I do if I see someone violating DMACC's tobacco-free policy?

    Response: If you are comfortable doing so, it is appropriate to provide the violator with a courteous reminder of DMACC's tobacco-free policy. Faculty, staff, and students are reminded that every individual-whether a tobacco user or not-should be accorded dignity and respect. Therefore, harassment or intimidation of violators is never appropriate, and is subject to DMACC disciplinary policy.

  14. I currently use tobacco. Does this mean that I have to quit?

    Response: No. However, you will not be allowed to use tobacco while on DMACC property.

  15. What resources are available to help students who want to take advantage of this opportunity to quit smoking or using tobacco products?

    Response: The Quit Line Iowa Information line provides several resources that students can take advantage of if they are seeking assistance. Simply call 1-800-784-8669. Also refer to the How to Quit page on this website.

  16. What services can I access by calling Quit Line Iowa?

    Response: Quit Line Iowa (1-800-784-8669) provides resource information, as well as a free two-week supply of cessation products.