Evidence Based Tips for Teaching

​​​Teachers at work​Format: Three interactive in-person meetings (2 hrs. each) with a web-blended component in-between each meeting. Participants attend all three consecutive sessions. Lunch provided to all; DMACC FT faculty earn eight TIs, adjunct faculty receive pay.

Summary: Now more than ever, being prepared and being flexible with your teaching strategies (online or in-person) has become mission critical. Providing students with a variety of ways to participate is an essential component of an equitable and inclusive teaching. In this program, we will explore effective student engagement strategies and focus on designing a segment of teaching that will feature active-learning strategies.

Session 1: Relationships Matter

Topic: Helpful tips for building relationships with students (online/in-person)
Sub-topic: Lesson planning
Web Component: Faculty start drafting a short lesson plan

Session 2: Active Learning is King

DMACC Teachers Topic: Helpful tips for effective teaching online and in-person: active-learning strategies
Sub-topic: Review and modification to faculty lesson plans
Web Component: Faculty select several learning strategies and make modifications to their lesson plan.

Session 3: Teaching with Assessment In-Action

Topic: Helpful tips for designing and assessing student learning
Sub-topic: Faculty report on their own teaching
Web Component: Faculty identify one professional growth goal to continue to impro​ve as a college instructor.​

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