Faculty Professional Growth: TEAM

​Teach, Engage, Assess, Modify

​​​​​FPG TEAM is DMACC’s newly developed online professional development course. It offers DMACC faculty the opportunity to learn engaging teaching techniques, collaborate with their peers, improve their teaching, and reflect on their own teaching in a flexible online environment.

Spanning over fourteen weeks, the course contains five sequential online modules that will take faculty approximately 15 hours to complete.

  • In Module 1, instructors will BUILD COMMUNITY and connections in their classes.
  • In Module 2, instructors are asked to BEGIN AT THE END by identifying challenging yet realistic, clear, and measurable learning outcomes, for one week of course content, for their students.
  • In Module 3, instructors create a LESSON PLAN tailored to their students, the learning context, and the measurable learning goals.
  • In Module 4, instructors will TEACH, ENGAGE, ASSESS, and MODIFY. Using everything they have learned in the course so far – and guided by their lesson plan – instructors teach their students.
  • In Module 5, instructors REFLECT on their teaching and how they can continue to improve.​

Each of the five modules has the same three components: an overview, a resources folder, and a discussion board where participants reflect on and answer prompts and interact with their peer instructors.

At the end of the course, faculty will use their discussion board responses to create a final paper and a short audio (or video) clip which will encapsulate their course work.

Full-time faculty will be able to earn 15 TI units; adjunct faculty will be eligible to receive a stipend per successful completion of this course. Seats are limited to 15 participants per cohort.

​For more details please check the Bb T&L Organization or email ​ alconway@dmacc.edu​.

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