Message from Director

Anna ConwayDear Colleagues,

Welcome to DMACC's Teaching and Learning Center!

As the director my goal is to provide leadership and vision for the continuous improvement of teaching and learning at DMACC. My goals are to design, conduct, and evaluate faculty development programs, workshops and seminars that will create partnerships at all DMACC campuses and foster faculty learning communities around topics of teaching and learning.

I am also facilitating new initiatives for adjunct, full-time and concurrent faculty at DMACC to encourage collaborations among the various curricular and co-curricular programs that support effective teaching and learning through a variety of instructional modalities.

Lastly, promoting a campus culture that values and recognizes the importance of teaching excellence and student learning is another purpose of having a Teaching and Learning Center at DMACC.

Please feel free to contact me with your ideas about our Teaching and Learning Center or how I may assist you.

Dr. Anna Conway