Faculty Professional Growth: Unit 2: Adventures in Assessment

​​In this flexible online professional development course, we will construct a map and explore the wide open waters of assessment, including its ancient past, the current t​rends, and what the future holds. Then, participants will sharpen their tools and hunt for buried treasure: how can assessment impact student learning and lead to institutional change? Finally, we will make the long journey home with stories to tell and (hopefully) some gold! This course will ask you to apply basic principles of assessment to DMACC courses.

Spanning over 6 weeks, the course takes instructors through three sequential modules in Blackboard and takes approximately 12 hours to complete.

  • Module 1: The Map and the Territory: An Overview of Assessment
  • Module 2: Tools of the Trade: Measuring Student Performance
  • Module 3: Finding the Gold: Using Assessment to Improve Learning

Each of the five modules has the same three components: an overview, a resources folder, and a discussion board where participants reflect on and answer prompts and interact with their peer instructors. Participants will submit a final assignment demonstrating key concepts from the course.

Full-time faculty with be able to earn 12 TI units; adjuncts receive pay for 12 hours. If you have questions, please email ajneuendorf@dmacc.edu or alconway@dmacc.edu

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