DMACC Survey

How would you describe yourself as a gamer?
How many hours per week do you play video games?
Would you be interested in having a gaming space hosted by DMACC Campus Recreation on DMACC's Ankeny Campus?
Would the quality of the gaming system(s) you own affect your desire to use a gaming space on campus?
Would you be interested in attending events such as competitive tournaments or casual LAN parties in the gaming space?
Would you be interested in attending viewing parties for professional or university level Esports competitions in the gaming space?
Please rank these attributes on how valuable they would be for you
  Least  Most
Open walk-in gaming 
Walk-in tourneys 
Study space 
Viewing parties 
Social events 
Esports practice 
Esports competition 
Content creation opportunities (Livestreaming, etc.) 
Finish this statement: "Video games help me ___"