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What Our Summer Students Say


I learned a lot in the class I took! Coming from a small private college I am used to being able to talk to professors whenever I need to. The class was taught well and in a way I could understand it.


Coming from a large class size at ISU, I often struggled during my classes to keep up and get teacher help. At DMACC this summer I was able to retake a class I struggled with at State, and pass it with a B through DMACC…DMACC summer classes are a great way to stay on track during the summer with academics. I was able to still work full time as these classes are super flexible! So glad I was able to catch up and keep working on my education this summer through DMACC.


It was a good experience and my [professors] were great.


It has been awesome! I learned a lot and I met [many] new people.


I found my DMACC online class very informative and the instructor very helpful!


It was very convenient to take PSY 261 online this summer. I was able to balance taking this class between an internship and spending time with friends and family. It was easy to contact my instructor and to connect with other students in the class.


I had a great experience doing summer classes at DMACC.


I had a positive experience with DMACC from my professor. I also liked the [low] cost [tuition] and how helpful the website is!


Professors are very easy to work with an understand that we have a life outside of college! I love DMACC and will forever be a loyal Bear.


My experience has been nothing but positive. I loved all of the other students and made quite a few friends from the small class. The professor was also great and cared about making the class possible while it still was challenging. Would definitely recommend to anyone else looking at colleges.


I had a great experience taking classes at DMACC this summer! Both of my professors were very nice, professional, and accommodating.


I really liked that it was an evening class where I could still work during the day. My professor was awesome!


I enjoyed my one class at DMACC this summer. It was everything that I had hoped for from a summer college class.


My experience this summer with DMACC was fantastic. I am currently enrolled full time at another institution. I found the process to enroll in a class painless, plus there was a lot of good information on DMACC’s website! Overall, I have a great experience and will likely be taking another class next summer!


My experience at DMACC this summer has allowed me an opportunity to grow more as a person.


My experience at DMACC this summer was one that helped me advance my education by providing me a creditable, inexpensive, and efficient place to take classes. Due to my experience with DMACC summer classes, I am very happy with my decision to take DMACC classes and am very satisfied with my encounters and experience.


Very rewarding. Continued my education at a great school which hopefully gave me the tools that I need to advance my education some more.