Group Leader & Instructor

Hello! I am thrilled that you are interested in traveling to London for the Spring 2019 semester. My name is Lindsay Simpson, and I’m an Associate Professor of English on the Ankeny Campus. I teach a variety of English, Literature, and Humanities courses. I’m originally from San Diego and moved to Iowa with my husband, Elias (Ames native), and our two wee kids.
I have always loved traveling; I’ve zigzagged across Europe, sat on ant hills in Mexico, walked across glaciers in Canada, and spent a college semester studying abroad in New Zealand. I am delighted to explore London with you in 2019. Studying abroad is such a wonderful way to experience life: you will immerse yourself in another culture, forge deep friendships, and expand your education in an immeasurable way. Earning DMACC credits while doing all that is icing on the cake. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn a lot about yourself.
Please contact me any time if you have any questions about what to expect or need more reasons to go to London with the 2019 group.  I hope to discover London with you: the British Museum and Library, plays, day excursions, and culture are calling you!

Lindsay Simpson headshot