2023 Faculty

​Aimee Langager


​I am excited to teach for DMACC’s London Study Abroad program! I have a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State in performing arts with an emphasis in theatre. With my master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies, I get to teach a variety of communication courses. I’ve been teaching at DMACC since 2015. I am a Speech and English instructor at the Urban Campus, and I serve as the advisor for the Urban Vibe, the student-run news website and social media outlet.

In my courses, I am dedicated to empowering thoughtful communication. My efforts are focused on expressing authentic messages and making sure that every voice is heard. I am a voracious reader, nature lover, science geek, and cycling enthusiast. I think I would be sorted into Ravenclaw if I ever get my letter from Hogwarts and currently play a Gnome Bard in one Dungeons & Dragons campaign and an Elf Sorcerer in another.

I love to travel, and I have explored many cities across the globe. A few memorable experiences are cruising the Caribbean with my mom and brothers, biking through Normandy and Brittany with my in-laws, and hiking England’s Cotswolds with my husband. When visiting new places, I tend to seek out the people who live there to gain insight on their lives and get advice on how to really get to know the place I am in. I can’t wait to take in cultural events and historic sites with a group of awesome students.

Bethany Sweeney


​I'm thrilled to get to go back to London in 2023 (after a shorter-than-planned semester abroad in Spring 2020 because of the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic). I am originally from New York (the state, although I have lived in NYC, too); that's where I went to college (I started out at NYU, which is in Manhattan, and then transferred to Cornell University, which is upstate in Ithaca). Then, in 2008, my wife, Crys, and I moved to California so that I could go to graduate school. I got my master's degree in history at the University of California, Irvine (UCI); we also met our partner, Matt, at UCI. After getting my master's, I went on to pursue my PhD in Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz (near San Francisco), which I completed in December 2017.

How did we end up in Iowa, you ask? That's a long story---for now, suffice it to say it was a combination of family, cost of living, and falling in love with the state. We've lived in Iowa since December 2013, and I've been teaching at DMACC that whole time. After working as an adjunct at several campuses, I started teaching English and history full-time at DMACC's Carroll campus; I also teach humanities, literature, and philosophy, and I serve as DMACC’s Study Abroad Coordinator, which means I spend a good deal of time on the Ankeny campus, too.

When I'm not at DMACC, I am in Perry, where I live with Crys, Matt, our dogs Boudreaux and Ozzy, and our cats Puff, Shadow, Meowzer, and Nomad (according to my mom, we should have named Nomad "Dragon" to better match Puff, since we got them at the same time). I love reading--non-fiction and fiction, but especially sci-fi and fantasy--and writing. I also love walking, hiking, kayaking/canoeing, traveling, playing games (Heroes of the Storm, Stellaris, Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, Everdell, Spirit Island, Gloomhaven, Race for the Galaxy, and Scrabble, among others), and trying new restaurants (we just tried Parlor in Beaverdale—I highly recommend it).​