Spring 2023 Courses

​London Spring Semester Study Abroad Program

February 10 - April 8, 2023

General Information

Students who enroll at DMACC may register for classes for the Spring Semester London Study Abroad Program. In order to enroll in the London Program, students must contact the DMACC program coordinator Bethany Sweeney, StudyAbroad@dmacc.edu, 862-354-3117.

New for Spring 2023:
Offering English, Speech, Humanities, History, Journalism, and Philosophy!

Students will be able to take a wide range of liberal arts courses.

Professors Aimee Langager (English/Speech/Journalism) and Bethany Sweeney (English/History/Philosophy) are working together to build a dynamic semester abroad. Some of the possible course offerings are listed below. For more information about courses in London, contact Bethany at besweeney@d​macc.edu or Aimee at anlangager@dmacc.edu.

  • ENG 106 Composition II
    Need to take Comp II for graduation? Excited to work on your writing skills? Take ENG 106 in London. Whether Aimee or Bethany teaches this course, it will give you multiple opportunities to explore London and write about your experiences abroad.
  • HIS 110 Western Civilization: Ancient to Early Modern 
    Enjoy learning about ancient civilizations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa? Want to see Egyptian sarcophagi, Greek Statues, and medieval weaponry as part of your class? If you're looking for history credit and you're fascinated by mythology, culture, and society from centuries ago, take HIS 110 in London.
  • HIS 111 Western Civilization: Early Modern to Present 
    Want to learn about the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions in one of the places they began? Fascinated by the history of the world wars? Consider taking this history class in London. We'll visit the Science Museum, the Churchill War Rooms, the Museum of London, and more.
  • HIS 274 Women's History
    Did your experience learning U.S. history in previous classes leave you wishing you knew more about the accomplishments and challenges that women have faced? Our class will examine the many ways that women, including women of color, LGBTQ+ women, and women from many backgrounds have made a mark on the U.S. Because we'll be learning in London, we'll also spend some time comparing women's situation and accomplishments in the U.S. to women's experiences in the U.K.
  • HUM 116 Encounters in Humanities
    An interdisciplinary course exploring the human condition through literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, theatre, music, and dance. The course examines the cultural context of individual works and movements, the thematic relationships between the arts and the relevance of the arts in our lives today. Encounters will give you a chance to tour many awesome London sites that offer theatre, music, painting, sculpture, and lit.
  • LIT 142 Major British Writers
    Do you find the legend of King Arthur and his companions—Guinevere, Lancelot, Morgaine, Perceval, Merlin, and more—fascinating? Then this is the class for you! We'll examine early writings about Arthur, classic versions of his story, and modern retellings that seek to explore and recover the diversity of this popular set of legends!
  • LIT 166 Science Fiction
    Do you love thinking about what the world might be like in the future or what it might look like if our technologies had developed along different lines? Do find cyborgs, robots, monsters, and dragons fascinating? Are you interested in the link between science fiction and imperialism? This class will explore these themes through novels, short stories, and film.
  • LIT 180 Mythology
    Have you always found mythology interesting? Do you feel like you know Roman and Greek mythology but you've been missing out on Indian, Irish, Norse, and British myths? Take this class to round out your knowledge and understand how mythology connects to literature and history.
  • HON 200: Honors Capstone​
    This seminar provides an opportunity for students to complete a leadership project and reflect on their experiences. Prerequisite: HON 100.
  • JOU 114 Diversity and the Media
    This course presents a historical perspective and a current analysis of representations of various minority groups based on race, gender, social class, religion and disability. It helps students understand why and how stereotypical media portrayals have been produced and how the under-representation of diversified images affects their knowledge, attitudes and behaviors toward others and contributes to multicultural illiteracy.
  • JOU 124 Digital Media Production
    An introduction to publishing online using digital equipment and software. Students have an opportunity to create content for our website and social media platforms including news stories, opinion pieces, podcasts, photography, and videography.
  • PHI 105 Introduction to Ethics
    Do you like thinking about controversial issues or complex problems that humans face? Do you wonder why different countries sometimes have very different takes on the same issue? Take Ethics in London to study why the UK and the US have different ideas about healthcare, gun rights, and a host of other issues and to figure out how you stand on these issues and why.
  • SPC 101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
    Explores the fundamentals of oral communication through the study and practice of interpersonal and small group communication. Students will compose and deliver short speeches about experiences and issues in London and the United Kingdom.
  • SPC 120 Intercultural Communication
    What better place to learn about theories and implications of intercultural communication than in a foreign country? In this introduction course, topics and activities are directed toward improving skills in intercultural competence.
  • SPC 122 Interpersonal Communication
    An introduction to interpersonal communication theories and their application. For study abroad, we will focus on building and maintaining relationships particularly when it comes to homestays and roommates. Additionally, we will explore techniques for having constructive conversations while navigating unfamiliar surroundings.​