2022 Faculty

​​Danielle Galien

Hello All! A little about me... I am Danielle Galien and am from Little Suamico, WI (basically Green Bay). I went to Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, MI (on the border of Canada between Lake Superior and Huron) and got my BS in Criminal Justice/Criminalistics. After graduating I began working for Des Moines Police Department; I also went on to get my Masters in Criminal Justice from Simpson College as well as my Digital Forensics Certificate here at DMACC.​ Danielle GalienI worked as a Crime Scene Investigator with DMPD for 15 years specializing in blood stain pattern analysis, arson/explosive investigation, and cellphone forensics. After 15 years of working while others are sleeping, I decided to pursue my first daytime job and became an instructor here at DMACC. Some pastimes I enjoy are reading/watching documentaries (especially true crime), trivia and travel. I am also a huge fan of experiencing new and unusual things, like a weekend visit to Chernobyl while teaching abroad! 

I'm super excited t​o be participating in the study abroad program. The one regret I have from college is NOT studying abroad, so let's have a once in a lifetime experience together! This is the first time Humanities has partnered with another program to study abroad and the Criminal Justice Department (and myself) are thrilled to be a part of it! This is such a great opportunity to complete your English/Humanities classes and your Criminal Justice electives all at once!​

♔What actually happened in the investigation of Jack the Ripper? Would seeing the scene of the crime give us some insight?

♖“The game is afoot.” What influence did Sherlock Holmes have on criminal investigation?

​♘“Since U Been Gone.” The U.S. and England had a bad break up. How does the justice system in England differ from the system in the U.S.? Did that affect the system as we know it?

♗London police don’t carry guns but have way better hats. Do guns in law enforcement make a difference?

♕“Off with their head!!” England still has kings and queens. What role do they play in the government?​

Let's find out the answers to these questions together while in London in Spring of 2022​... oh the places we'll go!

Ann McBee

Hello! I've been teaching writing at DMACC since 2015, having came to Iowa from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where I taught English for nine years for UW-Milwaukee. I also got my PhD in Creative Writing at UWM. At DMACC's West Campus, I teach compositi​on, creative writing, and contemporary literature and direct the Writing Lab. I'm also the faculty advisor for the West Campus Creative Writing club, and I've published many stories and poems in literary journals, as well as a book of short stories. I've been to England, but never to London, and I'm really excited to see this great city at last ... like every writer should!​