West Des Moines Orientation: Step 2

​Step 2: Locate Your DMACC Information and Access Orientation​

Important - Locate your DMACC ID before making your reservation


This would have been mailed to you upon acceptance to the college and is also contained in the orientation e-mail invitation you would have received. For assistance in locating your username and password, please contact Tech Support at 515-965-7300 or techsupport@dmacc.edu

    Follow this step-by-step guide to accessing orientation through Blackboard.


  1. Click myDMACC buttonat the top of the DMACC website.
  2. Sign in using your Username and Password
    myDMACC Sign In page which includes username and password example
  3. Click on Blackboard
    Left navigation buttons with arrow pointing to the third button which is Blackboard
  4. Click on Orientation Folder. If you do not see the “Orientation” tab, you may need to sign in again in the box in the middle of the screen.
    Image of Blackboard header with an arrow leading to the Orientation link
  5. Click on your DMACC Program listed under the Communities heading.
    Image of Communities header
  6. You are now in your orientation. Begin by reading the Announcements page to learn how to get started and how to complete your orientation.

 Get Started​

I have read the information provided to me, I agree to abide by the policies established by
DMACC Student Orientation, and I am ready to make my online orientation reservation.

I Accept 



If you have questions regarding West Des Moines Campus orientations, please contact the West Des Moines Campus directly at 515-633-2407.